The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Driving Time: 30 min from downtown Victoria

Admission Hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (open until 5:00 pm)

Time: 1 hour


Victoria Butterfly Gardens is located in Brentwood Bay, BC, a 30 minute drive from downtown Victoria. Inside is a tropical paradise with many species of butterflies as well as flamingos, turtles, tortoise, fish and parrots.

In order to keep all its animal tenants happy, it is very warm and humid inside. A great rainy day retreat for all ages. Children love to see the animals up close in the tropical surroundings. 


The Butterfly Garden is located a five minute drive away from the world famous Butchart Gardens. Both of these attractions can be enjoyed in one day. 

Conveniently, this attraction has rates for large groups and if you are a season pass-holder to the Royal BC Museum you can purchase tickets at a discount. There is also a 10% family discount.