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The Jade Fountain

3366 Douglas Street

Prices: $$

Dim Sum Starts at 10:30 am


Hunting for good places to eat Dim Sum is a favourite pastime for The Victoria Experience. Every city we've lived in we've tracked down the best possible place to maintain our weekend tradition of Chinese brunch. 

The Jade Fountain was recommended by the ever-helpful Victoria Reddit users who alerted us to this restaurant. Well outside of Chinatown, halfway up Douglas Street, The Jade Fountain's location would definitely not be something you'd easily stumble across. 


The unassuming main entrance can be found next to a liquor store and the building itself is attached to the Red Lion Inn & Suites. The slightly dishevelled hallway doesn't inspire confidence at first but it also lends itself an air of secrecy. 

After the threadbare staircase, it's with some relief that it ends at a large, nicely presented dining room. In the best traditions of all good Dim Sum restaurants, it features many communal tables for large groups as well as booths. 

If you're new to Dim Sum, you have to be brave and experiment. The food is brought to each table stacked and steaming on a cart. You review the options in quick succession and pick what grabs your fancy. Then as you finish each round, you wait for the cart to come around again for seconds. If you have room left. 

The menu includes all your favourite dishes such as Har Gow and Siu Mai plus many more delicious options. The menu maybe missing one or two more familiar options. However, overall the quality is excellent.