The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

Solstice Cafe

529 Pandora Avenue

Prices: $


Perhaps Solstice Cafe's most attractive feature is that it's ideal for having a meeting if you're downtown. Being slightly off the beaten tourist track means that it's not clamouring with people. It makes it attractive for that reason for local Victorians trying to find a venue to work or  meet-up with colleagues. 

The cafe is on the ground floor of one of the historic buildings that backs into Market Square from the Pandora Street side. The interior space has a high ceiling and cool, exposed brick walls that are covered in art. 

You'll have your choice of the many convenient tables which make it ideal for telecommuting laptops and spreading out your work. You never feel like you're on top of your neighbour making it private and comfortable. 


The menu features the usual hot drinks plus a selection of more interesting choices. The food options are varied and tasty with a more interesting twist such as homemade houmous and chips as a side dish for dining patrons.

Nearby you will find Fan Tan Alley and Chinatown.