The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

Royal British Columbia Museum


The Royal BC Museum is a fantastic place for people of all ages.  It has marvellous static displays, some of which have been recently updated and also a rotating exhibition that brings in displays from all over the world. Some recent past exhibitions have been Vikings, Lives Beyond Legends and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The Museum is on two floors and has an IMAX screen theatre as well.  There is a Natural History section, the most famous exhibit there would be the life size model of a Mammoth. Kids love and fear this display but it is always the most talked about part of the kiddie set.

The Human History section that has wonderful displays and artifacts reflecting BC First Nations beautiful culture. As well they have just added an interactive and in my opinion long-needed language section of the BC First Nations groups.  The Human History section also includes a section on the history of settlers in British Columbia. Mining, the gold rush and early settler life are covered in this area.

For Victorians who love this museum it is worth it to buy a season’s pass. Just a few trips to the museum make it worth your while. We go very often and it never gets old.