The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

Quimper Park


Quimper park is located on Quimper Street in Harling Point, a neighbourhood located on the edges of Oak Bay. It is about a fifteen-minute drive from downtown Victoria.

The park has a playground, a playing field and bathrooms. It's normally not very busy but has a steady stream of locals from the neighbourhood. The playground is minimal, but there are structures appropriate for big kids and little kids including slides, a swing set and a firetruck climbing structure. 


The highlight for most kids is all the used toys that are provided at this park. Each time you come some of the old toys will be gone, replaced with new ones. There are bikes, trikes, ride-ons, trucks, cards, etc. The sandbox is also always stocked with rakes, shovels and buckets. Tucked in the back corner is a playhouse, also provided by someone.

There are bathrooms and picnic tables which make this a great spot for a picnic with the family. There is lots of space to run and plenty of toys and playground equipment to keep everyone entertained. Plus it is just a short walk to the beach which looks out into the Salish Sea and is a great place to look for sea glass. 

Nearby you will find the lovely Abkhazi Gardens and Teahouse and just minutes from the very popular and beautiful Dallas Drive.