The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

Pink Bicycle

1008 Blanchard Street

Gourmet Burger Joint



Pink Bicycle is a gourmet burger place in downtown Victoria. You can spot it by the pink bicycle hanging in the window. This place is always bustling around lunch and dinner times, with a line-up many days. 


The menu is a burger lover's dream. There is a great selection of burgers from beef to venison, chicken, mutton and salmon and a three different vegetarian choices. The wide variety means you can keep coming back and never have the same thing. This goes for the sides and salads as well.  Macaroni n' Cheese Sticks and Truffle Poutine are very enticing and the onion rings are spicy, crisp and fresh. 

The menu includes fresh salads and soups from a basic green salad to a beet and arugula. They are also available as a side to your burger instead of fries. If you are looking for fancy mayo dips for your fries there is a selection of no less than 16 side dips. 

The burger buns are Bond's Sesame bun made next door at Bond's Bakery. Locally sourced meats are used most often and they always use high-quality ingredients.  They offer vegan options as well as a gluten free buns and will work around food allergies.