The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

RASC Observatory

A private facility in Saanich


As a regular adventurer around Victoria and Saanich, there are certain sights you take for granted, remark on them at the time and then it leaves your mind as you get back to what you were doing. 


The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Observatory on Observatory Hill in Saanich is one such place. The sight of the bright white dome of the main telescope on the hill is alluring. It's visible from any direction as you travel through central Saanich. 
Officially it's a private facility but the road up to the Observatory is not restricted to the public. The winding road terminates at the summit where the main buildings are located. A parking lot is available but in reality it's probably meant just for business visitors. 

The views are spectacular though and the eager adventurer with a camera will not be disappointed. Panoramic vistas of Saanich and the ocean beyond are quite spectacular.