The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

Masala Bites

1015 Fort Street

One for curry and East Indian cuisine aficionados. 

Prices: $$


It was by complete luck that we came across Masala Bites. We've tried various East Indian restaurants in Victoria with mixed results. So it was with great delight that we discovered that this restaurant is one of the best places to eat in BC if you like a curry. 

The quality of the cooking is something to admire. The rather average exterior of the restaurant doesn't do it justice. There should be an ornate edifice adorning the front that loudly proclaims the restaurant's existence. 


We've had the pleasure of dining here several times now and have never been disappointed. For instance, the Chicken Malai Tikka is the perfect example of East Indian cuisine that showcases a delicious subtlety that many other restaurants lack. 

Better still the restaurant is easy on the wallet, and a very filling meal is obtainable at a reasonable price. We can't recommend Masala Bites enough to any curry aficionado in Victoria. We hope you try it.