The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

La Taquisa

1017 Blanchard Street (downtown location)

120-176 Wilson Street (Vic West)

Prices: $


La Taquisa is a fast-food taco chain that has two locations, one in downtown Victoria on Blanshard, and the other is located in Vic West. The Blanchard Street location is larger with several tables to sit at, the Westside Village location has limited seating but does have a few tables. Both restaurants offer take-out.


The menu is simple and delicious. You can choose from options like a burrito or tacos (between 3-6, depending on how hungry you are as they are quite small), then choose the filling like Baja style shrimp, rajas, chicken mole or many other options, and last you choose your salsa. There are lots of choices for fillings; meat, veggie and vegan.  

If you order tacos you can mix and match different fillings for the tacos.  The salsas range from mild to hot to green with six choices altogether. Rounding out the menu is a mean tortilla soup. In addition to the regular menu, there are daily specials. 

Most items on the menu are gluten free and the meat used is sourced locally and is antibiotic and  hormone-free.  With so many possible combinations, this place is a great option where you can try something new every time.