The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

Uplands Park/Cattle Point

Large natural and undeveloped park plus scenic waterfront.

Time: 30 min - 2+ hours


Uplands Park is a natural, undeveloped park in residential area of Oak Bay. It extends to Cattle Point where there is a boat launch and views of the ocean. It is home to a rare ecosystem featuring a Garry Oak meadow and uncommon plant species. 

You can enter the park from several places. There is an entrance off of Beach Drive, Dorset Road has a few entrance points as does Midland Road. 

There are many informal but well-used trails throughout the park, used mainly by local residents. This park is also used by many as a place to bring their canine companions. Most of the year dogs can be off leash but during April to June leashes are required.

Next to Beach Drive on the edge of the Park is a war memorial on a grassy area. It was built to commemorate Oak Bay's war dead.

To access Cattle Point from Uplands Park, you must cross Beach Drive. There you will find plenty of parking, a boat launch, short trails and scenic views. There is a staircase leading to Willows Beach from Cattle Point that joins the two locations. The walk along Willows Park and beach to Cattle Point is gorgeous any time of year.