The Victoria Experience

The Complete Guide to Victoria, British Columbia

Cascadia Bakery

1812 Government Street

Prices: $


Cascadia bakery is a small coffee shop and bakery located on Government Street. Its checkered table cloths, large front window, fresh pies and baked goods make it a lovely spot to enjoy a coffee. 


They feature freshly baked pies and a selection of bread as well as grab and go pastries, snacks and sandwiches. All the treats and pies are made in house from scratch and the sandwiches and breaky buns are made with the same bread. Cascadia is part of the Rebar restaurant group and where many of Cascadia's baked goods end up. Rebar is located in Bastion Square in the heart of downtown.

The convenient location makes it a good place to stop and grab a quick breakfast or lunch on the go and it's nice surroundings also make it a nice place to stop in for breakfast and lunch. All in all a great place for a coffee, snack, breakfast or lunch. 

Nearby to Chinatown and the Galloping Goose trail

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