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Banfield Park

Banfield Park

Banfield Park is one of the secret havens of those Victorians with small children. It's not exactly unknown, but it's definitely one of the lesser trafficked parks that happens to have a great playground. 

Better still, it's steps away from both a great coffee shop in the form of the Spiral Cafe and an equally amazing bakery, Fry's Red Wheat Bread Bakery. 

This trifecta of perfect parent ingredients means that Banfield Park is the perfect destination on a sunny weekend morning. 

Victoria West Community Center can be found at the edge of the park. It includes a daycare and many drop-in activities and classes for adults, teens, and younger kids alike. It's especially great for little ones because of the twice-weekly Kindergym program that runs Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and is only $1 per drop in.


The park itself is large and grassy. There are picnic tables and lots of space to spread out on the ground for a picnic or snack. The playground equipment is suitable for many age ranges. They have a separate area  for toddlers and bigger kids so it accommodates the many young families in the area. It's usually occupied by friendly locals and our daughter has met up with many playmates here.

There's also a community garden and commons garden tended by enthusiastic locals as well as a great off-leash area for dogs.  

Getting to the park is simple and there's nearly always spare parking in the two nearby lots. Better still it's a short detour from the Galloping Goose trail, the artery of activity in around Victoria.