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Alexander Park and Playground

Location: 1325 Bay Street at Oregon Avenue

Alexander Park

Alexander Park is located in Fernwood at Bay Street and Oregon Avenue. The park is divided by a fence - one side functions as a dog park and the other side has a children's playground and grassy areas. 

The dog park is fairly popular and the fence that separates it from the children's playground helps to keep the dogs in that section. It is a bright sunny space with not a lot of trees, though there are some on the perimeter.

The playground has fairly new equipment for both little and big kids with lots of places to climb and slide. There is a swing set with a little kid/toddler swing and a special needs swing plus two big-kid swings. This playground also boasts a large sandbox that often has toys to play with.

There are a couple of grassy areas for setting up, one with a hill perfect for having a picnic. There are also a few benches provided.  All in all a great neighbourhood park in the Fernwood area. Nearby you can find Caffe Fantastico and excellent coffee shop.